Find Your Perfect Hair Weave

The hair weave you choose is a big deal. It can make you gorgeous, or it can be obvious that you’re wearing a weave. There’s a big difference!

We’re here to help you find the right weave that makes you look gorgeous. What’s your style? Look through the categories below to see the top weaves for each type of unique hair weave style. Discover products, read reviews, and find the lowest price.

Hair Weave Styles

The overall best weaves available for purchase in 2016.
Long, luscious hair weaves for ladies looking for a Brazilian look.
Find budget weaves that look great for between $20 and $50.
Curly and extra-curly weave for a bubbly style.
Human Hair / Natural
The absolute highest-quality hair weaves that money can buy.
Hair weave with the well-known Indian vibrancy and feel.
Hair weaves with the unique Malaysian look and texture.
Milky Way
Unique and eye-catching, Milky Way weaves are for girls who want to make a statement.
A combination of colors makes your Ombre Weave stand out.
Hair weaves with the southern Peruvian style.
The weaves that were rated prettiest, sexiest, and most beautiful by customers.
Remy / Remi
A special type of weave known for its similarity to real human hair.
Hair weaves made exclusively with real non-processed virgin hair.
Wet and Wavy
Make the night yours with a stunning wet and wavy weave.
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