About Us

We’re a group of a few girls that got sick of buying bad weaves! We compiled our own experiences and asked our friends – what did everyone wear?

We took notes. We did research. We compiled everything we would need to know about our favorite weaves (and the favorite weaves of the internet).

Then, we started Hair Weavey, offering the BEST hair weaves in every category. All you need to do to find a perfect weave is look through the recommendations. We have done all of the hard work for you! It truly took us a lot of time, so we’d appreciate if you browsed around.

How We Decide

We use a system of combining our personal experiences with other customers.

The best products in terms of quality/price and number/caliber of reviews are displayed in each category. You’re safe buying any one of them.

Sometimes, we include specialty offerings with lower ratings. For example, we have a “cheap” hair weave option that has only three stars. But, it’s really cheap! We have a few others like that.

The Writers

We’re a few ladies out of New York, New York.

We don’t claim to know everything, but we know a lot about weaves. Our writing isn’t Shakespeare but it’ll be good enough for you. 😉

Product Recommendations

Feel free to go with our recommendations, or, do your own research and choose others. Your choice! There are many popular hair weave resources out there, but Hair Weavey is #1!