Best Hair Weaves (2016)

Finding the best weaves out there may seem overwhelming due to the shear volume available and how much the quality, style, and thickness can vary. At the same time, this large amount of competition means that there are a lot of companies out there that want your business and are striving to provide you with the highest quality weaves.

Length Choices

The weave that is best for you should offer the length you desire. Be careful with length measurements because not all weaves are true to their size claims. This usually only means they are off by 1-2 inches, but this might mean a lot to you. Curly or wavy weave styles are sometimes measured based on how long the hair is when stretched straight.

Virgin Hair Versus Processed

There are advantages and disadvantages to virgin hair versus processed hair. Virgin hair means that it has not been treated with any chemical but can be heat styled, dyed or otherwise treated like normal hair. Processed hair means there has been some treatment used.

Of course, if you want your hair to be a particular color or style then buying it already processed may save you some time and possibly money as well. Every time you use a chemical treatment on a weave, you reduce the lifespan some. To get the maximum out of your weave, you need to be careful how many treatments you use and make sure to use good quality treatments that are as gentle as possible.

Best Weave Reviews

B & F Hair

This stunning ombre weave starts out a rich dark off black color at the roots and ends as a beautiful honey blonde color that is sure to get everyone’s attention. The deep body wave adds the texture and gorgeous look that you are used to seeing on your favorite celebrities. This hair is delivered fast and doesn’t shed or tangle. This look comes in at a reasonable cost for what you are getting. This is one of the best weaves that B & F offers.

Ladies that have had the pleasure of purchasing this weave cannot get enough of it. This is a true celebrity style that is easy to achieve with this high quality 100% human hair weave. It doesn’t tangle easily or lose its luster.  B & F is the go-to choice for a lot of hairdressers and women that have tried other weaves only to come back to B & F for the superb quality, beauty, and value.


This weave has a vibrant and bouncy fullness to it that will ensure that you always look your best no matter what.  This weave is 100% not processed so you can treat it as you would your natural hair. This means you could bleach or dye the tips for an ombre look. Of course, the dark color means that if you want a bright color for the tips, you will want to lighten it up a lot first.

This is a very silky and great feeling weave according to reviewers. This hair has a 15-day return policy, so if it doesn’t work out for you, it can be returned. Longqi stands by their customers and product.


Ulove Hair

This is one of the best weaves for those that want a good value. This weave holds up to washing well and arrives without a chemical smell and features a double machine weft. Since this is 100% natural human hair it can be bleached, dyed, straightened, heat styled, and more with no problems. This weave length is measured based on the length when the hair is stretched out.  This weave comes in a variety of lengths and package sizes to suit your unique needs.

Customers love the look and feel of this weave. For under $100 you can get a quality weave that is made to last and gives you a lot of styling options. These weave ships fast so you can get started on a new style fast.


This high quality Brazilian 100% unprocessed hair is something to tell your friends about. You can get a full head of hair for $55-$132 depending on what type of length and volume you are trying to achieve.  This silky, shiny, and vibrant hair gets to you in mere days, so it is a good choice for last minute e-styling needs.

Ladies seem to like Jinren alright as far as the texture and value go but some reviewers do say that it is a bit thin on the ends and recommend that you get an extra pack or bundle to achieve a voluminous look.  After installation, reviewers seem to agree that there is no shedding and say they would buy this hair again.

B & F Hair Curly

This fantastic curly hair is worthy of being called one of the best weaves. Although the price is a little bit higher than some weaves, you get a lot of value for you money. You get three pieces and closure in a standard bundle, but B & F also offers a lot of different size closures and packages so you can build a lot of length and volume if you want. This silky hair is 100% unprocessed and is comprised of all human hair strands. This means you can style, dye, and treat this hair as if-if were your own. This weave will hold up for a long time and has a very natural look and feel to it.

Some reviewers say this is the best hair they have ever bought and now only purchase Beauty Forever products. Plenty of women have dyed this hair and are happy with how well it takes chemical treatments. The hair is super soft and easy to keep untangled. Some women say it has a smell when first opened, but this is easy to get rid of with washing and conditioning before installation. Some women choose to co-wash and condition as well.