Brazilian Hair Weaves

Brazilian hair weaves offer the modern fashionista a lot of options. These weaves are affordable, high quality, and come in lengths that can range from 8”-30” and occasionally longer. For girls that want to change their hair up a lot, they offer versatility on a budget. Brazilian weaves are usually unprocessed and remain tangle free with little to no shedding.

Curly Versus Straight

Most weaves allow you to straighten them if desired, or they can be permed however if might want to go with a weave that is already the style you want to wear the most. This doesn’t mean you can’t make changes in color, highlights, or occasionally curl or straighten your weave but who wants to have something that is high maintenance?

Size Of Bundles

A longer bundle of hair is going to be thinner than a shorter one, so it is important to plan out your weave somewhat before you get started on putting in your hair. Reviews are a great way to get some idea of how much hair you are getting. Look to reviews with actual photos for the best results and to make sure you are happy with what you have chosen to order.

Planning Your Style Goals

Buying hair is a fun thing to do because you know that you are making a change and boosting your self-esteem. If you haven’t had many weaves in the past, you might want to get a friend to help you decide what Brazilian weave you should get or if you should get and what lengths will get you the style you want.

Brazilian Weave Reviews


Unice offers 100% virgin Brazilian weaves for an economical cost that does not skimp on quality. This pack of size 16-18-20 inch human hair extensions is a beautiful choice for those that want natural and easy to manage curls that can also be straightened, dyed, or styled any way you might want them to be. Unice hair gets to customers fast, and they make it easy to plan out what you need. The length you order is the length the hair is when it is pulled straight.

Reviewers often come back to buy more Unice products after they give them a try. Unice offers a great value when compared to many other extension companies. The curl pattern of this weave is truly beautiful and creates a natural look that many women simply love.


The Sunber Brazilian weave offers the best quality hair in the length you need. Sunber is the number one choice when it comes to quality Brazilian weaves. This soft and luxurious weave will have all your friends raving, and you will have a long lasting style. Unlike some hair, the weave you get is collected from one source, so the consistency is amazing.

Reviewers comment that the hair is a good value and doesn’t shed or tangle up with a good care regime. Even after extended use and trips to the beach, the weave looks good. It is easy to change your style with hair dye and other treatments. Since the hair you are getting is unprocessed it can handle a lot of style changes.


B & P

Well, the fact that this Brazilian weave gets nothing but 5-star reviews on average is enough to get a lot of people to recognize the quality they can get with a B & P weave. This luxurious curly hair comes in packages with lengths that vary. You can get short weaves on up to 28 inches long for the luxury hair you always wanted. This hair is not processed at all so it is ready to receive any treatments you might want to apply to it.

Women that have purchased a Brazilian weave from B &P mention that the texture is soft, and the curl pattern stays true and luxurious even if you wash it with some regularity. If you like an extreme amount of volume, you may want to order an extra bundle before installing. Some report a slight odor, but this is fairly normal for any weave and went away with washing and conditioning.

U Love Hair

This beautiful Brazilian weave is made of 100% human hair and has a natural body wave to it for a great look with little fuss. If you want to, you can dye it, highlight, or add extra curl or straightness. Because this is quality soft human hair, you can rest assured that this weave will hold up to the stresses you throw at it over time.

Reviewers love the body wave and softness of this hair and report that it doesn’t seem to tangle easily and has minimal or nonexistent shedding. There was some complaint that the hair had a smell that was not pleasant, but this was solved with conditioning or washing before installing. This weave lasts a long time and if you want a change, you can either add length or go shorter during the summer or whatever is most comfortable for you.


For the silky straight hair, you always wanted there is the Nadula Brazilian weave. This hair comes in a lot of lengths and offers women a lot of options. The straightness means it is easy to curly, perm, dye, highlight, and more. This weave is a good option for achieving celebrity styles. Now you too can look like Beyonce and your other favorite singers.

Reviewers like the texture and how easy it is to style this hair that is in excellent condition and as soft as possible. If you are going for a very long weave, then this is one of the highest quality options you can get for your money. This hair is true to length, so there is no disappointment there. Customers are often surprised at the actual product they receive because they are so used to paying a lot more for weaves of this length and quality. Customers report their beautician being surprised at how well the hair performed over time.