Cheap Hair Weaves

Just because you are looking for a cheap hair weave doesn’t mean you have to settle for lower quality. There are plenty of inexpensive weaves out there in all lengths. Getting your hair done doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you are a bit savvy about what to buy. Here are a few things to look for when doing your hair on a budget.

Human Hair, Blend, Or Synthetic

While it can be tempting to go with a cheap weave if you like to change your hair a lot, it is also not a good idea to do this because you will not be able to treat a synthetic weave like your normal hair. This is unfortunate but true. Always choosing human hair means you can do a lot of different things with it such as highlighting, dyeing, or styling any which way you might choose.

With synthetic hair, you cannot use heat styling or other methods that may break down the hair. If you just want a look for a short period, then synthetic or a blend of human and synthetic will offer you a lot of value. A lot of cheaper weaves look great for up to a month with a little care, but anything beyond that is a bonus.

Curl Pattern Or Straight?

There are a lot of different curl patterns, waves, etc. to choose from. The curlier the weave, the harder it is going to be to straighten if you happen to change your mind about staying curly. Larger deep curls and body waves are popular choices, but plenty of women like the kinky curly look of a natural afro style cheap weave.

Cheap Weave Reviews

Klemmer Love

This cheap weave has a lot to offer. You can get even longer lengths for a low cost. It is dark, silky, and ready for any treatments. This is hair 100% real human hair from Brazil that has been carefully selected for quality and cleanliness. If you like a layered look, then you can just buy the pieces you need. With long lengths at less than $12, it is hard to go wrong with this choice for a cheap weave.

Women had sent in pictures of how straight and smooth the result was when they flat ironed this weave. While some reported a few tangles, most said it didn’t tangle up so badly. This hair is light and soft so you can get a lot of volume without hair feeling like it weighs you down too much. This is an excellent weave for those that want to pick and choose the individual pieces they buy.


Wig Hair Beauty

This fast shipping cheap weave comes in 8”-12” lengths for as low as $6.00 per piece! For a cheap weave, this 100% real Peruvian human hair is a good option if you are looking for a shorter weave. The off black color can be dyed, permed, or otherwise treated like your normal hair. This weave isn’t thin at the ends like some weaves can be so you will not be disappointed.

Ladies love how soft and silky this hair is and how fast they got it. For those that like to change their look a lot, a cheaper weave makes sense. While some shedding was reported by a few reviewers, it was minimal and definitely would not stop them from recommending this weave to others.


Rechoo Body Weave

This pack of 12-12-14 inch pieces contains only human hair and offers no shedding or tangled messes. After a long night out on the town or a day at the office, who wants to have to fight their hair? Rechoo is a good value with this pack costing less than $50. The super soft weft is comfortable to wear, and the bold body wave means your hair arrives looking great and you just have to install it.

The ladies that have purchased this weave are surprised at how good this hair is for those that want an easy style, good quality, and cheap! Even the large pack of three 28” pieces is only $150. Hair takes bleaching and dyeing well. The producer of these extensions states this style will last 6-12 months depending on how you take care of it. Women have had good luck keeping this cheap weave looking great by always keeping it well conditioned.


This producer is not one that is as well known like Unice, but it is worth a look for those that want a brief style change. This is because the longer hair pieces are not cheaper than other brands, so Empyrean is probably best for those that just want shorter to mid-length hair. The hair is all human and an off black color that can be treated any way you want.

Customers like the softness of the hair, but they do say it has a slight industrial shampoo smell when it arrives so if this bothers you then conditioning or washing and conditioning heavily will help eliminate the problem. There was some shedding reported, and at least one reviewer was not happy with how her dye job looked when using this hair. This likely had as much to do with the quality and application process of the dye.

Klemmer Love Peruvian

Klemmer is good at what they do, and that is offering affordable, high-quality human hair weaves for today’s modern woman. These extensions are not as thick as some, but this is a good thing if it is summer and you don’t want a style that is too hot, or you want a quick look for a vacation or other short period. Bundles weight 50 grams each.

Customers like this cheap weave for what it is, however, they do say that the length you receive can sometimes vary a bit from what you order. It is advisable to look carefully at descriptions or contact the seller to make sure you are getting the length you want. At this price point, going longer may be advisable because you can always have the excess trimmed off anyway.