Curly Hair Weaves

A curly weave offers the wearer the advantage of great curls without the maintenance, hassle, and damage of some chemical and heat treatments. Getting a great curly weave can seem challenging but it doesn’t have to be if you do a little bit of research and make sure to buy the right amount and lengths you need for your head. Making sure you have enough is critical to getting a good weave.

Real Hair Versus Synthetic Hair

Real human hair is desirable for a lot of reasons. Many people feel that it looks more natural so no one can tell that your weave is not your hair. With real human hair, you can have freedom to style it using heat and chemical processing. With synthetic hair, you cannot use heat, and it doesn’t have the texture of natural human hair.

Unprocessed Human Hair

Choosing unprocessed hair means you are getting hair that is in the best possible condition. This does not mean you cannot dye it or have your hairdresser dye it in any shade you might want or even multiple shades if you want that effect. Unprocessed is like having a blank slate to create the curly weave look you have always wanted.

Processed Hair

Hair that has been dyed for a particular effect can be a fun and easy way to get unique effects without having your hairdresser have to possible double process your hair or weave. If you know you want a look right away, then you should look towards curly weaves that have already been dyed for you. This could also save you some time and money in the long run.

Length Matters

It is important when finding the right curly weave to read carefully how lengths are measured. If the length measurement is the hair when totally straight, then it is going to be a lot shorter when in the natural curly state. You can always cut off some length, but you don’t want to be disappointed with a bunch of too short curly weave pieces.

Curly Weave Reviews


Sunber offers high-quality human hair weaves in various links to achieve your desired look. The Brazilian Curly Hair weave is available in several bundle sizes with the 8-10-12 inch bundle being among the most popular. This natural hair weave will stay curly wash after wash and is designed to be easy to weave in and not shed.

Reviews of Sunber indicate that this is a high-quality curly weave that doesn’t get tangled and is very soft and shiny. One reviewer that was not happy with the smell of the hair when it arrived just shampooed and conditioned it and was then very happy with it. Other users report that they did not experience any major shedding like with other products they have used.



This gorgeous curly weave comes with a total of 3 bundles of hair in 16,18,20 inch lengths so you can build a lot of curly volume and style. It is important to remember that the length of the hair is what it is when stretched straight. Unice only uses natural human hair that is unprocessed but can be treated like your normal hair, so if you want to straighten it out for a night on the town to dye the tips a fun color, you can do this with no worry and enjoy the fabulous hair you always wanted.

Reviewers say this is good quality hair that doesn’t shed or tangle, but they do recommend washing and conditioning it before installing it on your head. Those that wanted to add a lot of long volumes said that they just got an extra bundle, and that was all that was needed for the look they wanted.


Ali Julia

Ali Julia curly weaves come in various lengths. The more expensive bundle is, the longer lengths of 12-14-16 inches. If you are going for a look with a lot of lengths, you could add in a bundle of shorter 8-inch lengths. This hair has not been processed and comes to you silky and tangle free, ready for any treatments you might want such as bleaching and adding other color, highlights, and more. This curly weave can also be straightened when you want a different look.

Reviewers seem to be pleased with the thickness and curl pattern of the curly weave. It does not tangle or shed excessively and accepts styling and treatment with ease.



Longqi offers human hair curly weaves in many different lengths and colors. The natural color is suitable for a lot of women and can be custom dyed by you or a hairdresser. This curly weave comes with a set of eyelashes for when you want to dress up. For a fun look, you could mix up different colors so you can get a unique style in a hurry.

Reviewers say this curly weave is soft and manageable and once installed is easy to care for. While it is not necessarily recommended that you straighten this hair, it can be done with some care and patience. Hairdressers report that they are amazed at the quality and how little this curly weave sheds even after being installed for eight weeks.

L-email Wig

This curly weave comes in many different sizes from 10 inches up to 22 inches. The pricing is per piece, but this is great because it allows you to get exactly the amount of different lengths you need for your desired look. This curly weft weave is a fairly tight wave so if you want to straighten it be prepared to take some time. This hair is entirely unprocessed so you can do almost anything with it while it is installed or before.

Customers report that this hair stays untangled a lot easier than some they have had and is a good choice for those that sometimes forget to put their hair up at night. Hair stays shiny and beautiful for a long time and some customers even made their wig out of it.