Hair Weave Accessories

Installing a hair weave may not turn out to be as simple as it sounds. Unless you’re seeking the help of a professional, you need to learn how to use some important hair weave accessories to install your weave the right way, as well as make sure that it looks natural, enhances the look of your hair, and makes the weave last longer.

So without further ado, let’s learn about the three most important weave accessories that you will need and how to use them.


Hair Weave Holder

A hair weave holder is simply designed to hold the hair weave properly when it’s not in use. While it may not seem like something very necessary, it can be quite a useful accessory if you simply tend to put on weaves or extensions for special occasions and don’t keep them on always. Similarly, it can also be just as useful if you have got yourself an expensive weave that you would want to last longer.


Hair Weave Clips

Clips are inarguably the most important hair accessory that you will need while installing your hair weave, especially if you’re going with a clip-in or sew-in weave or extension rather than one that needs to be installed using an adhesive or glue.

While choosing the clips, make sure you’re getting the same color as your hair, as it may end up looking really weird if you don’t, Similarly, comfort is going to be another extremely important factor to take into consideration, as you may well be wearing the extension or weave for quite a few months.

Finally, also make sure they won’t end up damaging your hair or scalp in any way. Clips that don’t fit well usually cause harm to your scalp and may even lead to headaches. This is probably the reason you don’t go cheap here, as the good ones cost just a few bucks more anyway.


Hair Weave Glue

Many hair weaves require being installed using an adhesive or glue. While it’s not considered the best way to install a hair weave, it can turn out to be just safe enough if you know how to do it right.

And making sure you’re doing it properly simply involves one thing, which is choosing the right type of glue. The thing is that some women may use any type of glue, which may well turn out to be a disaster in the long run. You wouldn’t want to use anything that’s not specifically made for installing a hair weave.

Using the right type of glue not only helps avoiding any possible irritation to your scalp and damage to your hair, but also makes it easy to remove the hair weave when you need to.

While installing a hair weave using glue, you need to first figure out where exactly you will be placing the hair wefts. After that, you need to put the glue on their undersides and put them on. Also keep in mind that you shouldn’t glue the weave hair to your own hair but your scalp. Finally, after a minute or so of gluing the weave hair to your scalp, you can use a hair dryer to set it securely in your head.


It’s important to choose the right accessories to make sure that the installation process turns out to be smooth and safe. Even if you’re going with a professional, you may want to still make sure that quality accessories are being used to avoid any trouble down the road.

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