Hair Weave Color Guide

Choosing a hair weave is no easy task, especially if you aren’t aware of all the important factors you need to consider in order to choose the right one. However, in this article, we will simply be talking about what seems to be one of the important factors – the color of the hair weave.

If you don’t want to end up looking like a mess, you need to be very careful while choosing the color of your hair weave. So with that being said, let’s take a look at the different colors out there most types of hair weaves come in.

List of Hair Weave Color Types


basic hair weave

As the name suggests, the basic color is just, basic. It isn’t anything outrageous like some others or even too fancy, but simply a pretty safe bet.

Now, there are actually four different types of “basic” color, namely, black, off black, dark brown and medium dark brown.

The first two are sure to look great on most Asian women, and perhaps most others with a similar texture. The other two, on the other hand, look relatively more modern.

They may not be ideal for most women, unless of course if you buy a closure or full hair weave so that you need not worry about whether or not it would match your natural color.

Special Solid

special solid hair weave

It’s actually a group of 11 colors, with many of them being very different from each other. Again, as the name suggests, these colors are indeed very bold, perhaps except a couple of them which are relatively lighter.

As for some of the colors such as brick red and burgundy, you would perhaps have to be very courageous to sport them, as they seem to be nothing like natural or even “normal”.

For many American women, the pre-bleach blonde or chestnut brown may hit the spot very well, given their natural texture supports it. Similarly, the darker colors may look better on women of African origin.

Piano / Streaked

piano hair weave

This is another major group of different colors hair weaves tend to come in nowadays. While there are some lighter colors in the group, most others seem highly processed and may not be suitable for everyone, especially if it’s the first time they are getting a hair weave and aren’t sure which one to go for.

A particular highlighting feature of these colors is that they are actually a great combination of two colors, which makes them quite unique.

Frost / Highlight

frost hair weave

This color group consists as many as 46 colors, with many of them being fairly unusual. However, the name of this color group does well defining the colors it consists, as perhaps the most important feature of many colors in the group is their “highlighted” appearance.

Colors including the balayage ones, 1B ones, as well as all the other highlighted ones actually have one of their two colors highlighting the other, giving them a truly highlighted and attractive look.

Full Mixed

full mixed hair weave

As you probably guessed it, most colors in this color group are “mixed” ones. However, the unique thing about these colors is that it’s hard to tell they are actually processed, as they look quite natural.

As for the ones that aren’t as “mixed”, such as light brown, medium brown, natural and natural black, they all look quite natural all the same. This makes them them ideal for those not looking to lose the natural feel of their hair while going for a weave.

Two Tone

two tone hair weave

Again, the name pretty much defines most of the 40 colors in this particular color group. However, when it comes to some of the more unique ones in the group, we think “funky” would be the word that comes the closest to defining them.

They are pretty outrageous and certainly not an ideal fit for everyone, especially for most women above the age of 35 or 40.


tip hair weave

The reason this color group is named “Tip” is because the tips of weaves in this group have a different color than their main color. Almost all of them, however, have black as the main color.


ombre hair weave

This one’s a fairly popular group of hair weave colors. It includes 12 colors, with some of them being kind of weird (not for the right people though), especially including the 2 tone violet and 2 tone 60.

Neon / Pastel

neon hair weave

This group arguably consists the most unique hair weave colors out there. Basically, it simply includes all the colors you couldn’t see in most other color groups, such as dark blue, dark green, fire red, light pink, neon purple and the like.

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