Hair Weave Quality Grade Guide

While purchasing a hair weave may seem very straightforward and simple, it actually isn’t. In fact, the reason most hair weaves get mixed reviews from customers is because not everyone really understands what they are buying.

That being said, the quality grade is considered to be one of the most important factors while purchasing a hair weave extension, and would go a long way in helping you understand what you’re actually getting for your money.

There are three different hair grades, and we will be taking a look at each of them below.

Grade 5A

5A Hair Weave

Grade 5A hair is the lowest grade quality out there but it at least ensures that you’re getting good quality hair. It’s 100% human hair, and doesn’t include any synthetic or animal hair. However, as far as the styling is concerned, your options can be a little limited, and you can only dye it up to 6# color.

Similarly, this hair is also not as long-lasting as the higher grade hair, but may still last for around 5 months with good care. Finally, if you’re just looking for virgin hair but don’t want to spend much, then grade 5A hair may hit the spot pretty well for you.

Grade 6A

6A Hair Weave

It’s 100% virgin human hair too, without any signs of synthetic or animal hair. However, it comes with a better lifetime, which can be as long as around 10 months given you choose the right product and care for it enough.

It’s considered to be a very balanced option, and hence is the best-selling hair on the market. It’s also ideal for those just looking to get a hair weave for the first time, and hence may be a little hesitant to spend much. It can also be dyed up to 27# color, which is significantly better than what grade 5A hair offers.

Grade 7A

7A Hair Weave

This is simply the best you can get for the money. Grade 7A hair is 100% virgin remy hair, and it’s only taken from a single donor. This ensures it comes with a perfectly natural feel. This hair is also not processed in any way, and even the cuticles are still intact when it reaches you. You can also do pretty much any type of styling on them as you would do on your own hair, and even dye it up to #613 color.

It also lasts the longest, with its lifetime usually turning out to be well over a year when it’s cared for the right way. If you’re looking for truly premium-quality hair, the grade 7A hair will fit the bill perfectly for you.

Price Differences for Hair Weave Quality

As hinted above, the 5A is the cheapest hair, and you can probably find it for as less as $10 – $20 per bundle. However, it’s definitely not the best option if you’re serious about getting a better look, as it may lose its attractiveness pretty quick, especially if you don’t spend a ton of time on its maintenance.

The 6A hair can be a good option for many, especially if you’re not looking to spend much but still get a reasonably good quality. You may not have much of a problem finding quality 6A hair at just $15 – $35 a bundle.

However, you would ideally want to go for 7A hair, as although it might seem expensive, it would probably offer the best bang for your buck over the long term. While other cheaper hair may need replacing fairly frequently, the 7A grade hair would last a really long time without shedding or tangling much, which can definitely be very relieving.

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