Hair Weaves for Men

While hair weaves for women have been soaring in popularity over the past few years, men’s hair weaves are hardly a thing yet. In fact, most men probably don’t even know that hair weaves can be an option for them.

To your surprise, however, there are hair weaves for men as well. And while you may think that it’s not a mainstream trend, some big names out there are probably already using it.

The thing is that it’s easier to get a hair weave for men than you may think. That being said, let us go through some important details that you would want to know if you’re considering to get a hair weave.

But do they really exist?

Well, you shouldn’t still be thinking whether weaves for men exist or not. They surely exist, although you won’t find the same kind of variety as women’s weaves, but it may not really matter.

It’s because men’s weaves can serve different purposes. For instance, it seems that a large number of men are using weaves to hide their bald spots, which is something most men struggle with.

However, many men also use weaves for the same purpose as most women, which is for styling and getting a look that they have always desired. Whatever the purpose, though, there seem to be just enough types of hair weaves for men out there to serve pretty much every need they may have.

What Men’s Weaves Look Like?


While there don’t seem to be as many types of men’s hair weaves as for women, the few there are should be enough for most men. Apparently, the most common types of hair weaves for men are the ones with straight, long hair, and the ones with short, curly hair.

There may also be some other different types, but they don’t seem to be as popular.

How Popular Are Men’s Weaves?


As you probably already know, men’s hair weaves are nowhere near as popular as women’s weaves. But, they are becoming a thing, especially given that they offer something beyond styling to men.

However, it’s also important to note that men’s weaves cannot be used for all types of balding, especially for male pattern balding that is beyond a certain stage. It’s because you need at least 6 inches of hair to wear a hair weave, which may not really be present in case of extreme male pattern balding.

However, they may still work great for men with only some small bald spots. Similarly, it can also sometimes be very challenging for a man to get the type of hair they want and achieve the look they desire. It’s especially true if they want long hair, which can take a really long time and a lot of care to grow.

The same can be said about men wanting to get curly hair, but wouldn’t like to risk their natural hair for that. In all such cases, a quality hair weave may turn out to be the perfect solution. You can get shoulder-length long hair, as well as curly hair without putting your natural hair at risk.

And this is exactly why their popularity is expected to grow tremendously once more men become aware of the benefits they come with. However, as of now, they are not much popular, perhaps due to the fact that not many are willing to accept the idea of men wearing weaves.

Many might think that it’s something reserved only for women, and there are also some who think even women shouldn’t be wearing them. In fact, during our research, we even came across some opinions that said that men wearing weaves is deceptive and too feminine.

Of course, just with pretty much everything that’s out of the ordinary, men’s weaves may not get mainstream very soon. However, considering everything they bring to the table, we just can’t imagine their popularity not increasing tremendously over the next few years.

How to Wear a Men’s Weave?


Well, this one might turn out to be a little disappointing. The thing is that wearing a men’s weave may not be easy, especially if you’re balding. it’s because there would be a pretty high chance of messing it up, with the hair looking uneven and weird.

That being said, until men’s weaves get more popular and start getting attention of more stylists out there, encouraging them to share some insight on the matter, your best bet would simply be to seek the help of a professional who’s a little experienced with it.

Where to Buy a Men’s Weave?


AliExpress seems to be having a nice collection of products, though you would have to be a little careful about the seller you buy from in order to ensure a certain standard of quality.

However, just like installing a weave, until men’s weaves get popular enough, you would ideally want to buy it from a trusted saloon in order to make sure your needs are met.

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