Hair Weaves vs Hair Extensions

While both hair weaves and hair extensions actually help serve similar needs, with the most important one being adding length and texture to your hair, there are a few important differences. And depending on the length and texture of your hair as well as some other factors, one method may be recommended over the other.

Both weaves and extensions come with different advantages and limitations, and you need to consider them carefully in order to figure out what may work best for you. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the important similarities and differences between the two.



Some of the important similarities between hair weaves and hair extensions are being mentioned below.

  • Both help add texture and length to your hair
  • Both can help you achieve your desired look
  • They both can work great if you want to color your hair, or do aggressive styling work on them, but do not want to risk causing any kind of damage to your natural hair
  • Both weaves and extensions are made using artificial hair or human hair
  • They both can be used to cover your entire hair
  • They both can be a great solution for women with thinning hair, as they add volume to your natural hair

Understanding the Similarities

First things first, as mentioned earlier, both hair weaves and extensions are usually used to serve similar needs, though they can vary quite a bit depending on several different factors. However, the one thing that they both surely do, regardless of other factors, is adding texture and length to your hair, and helping you achieve a different, usually better look.

Similarly, there are many women out there who find it very tempting to try out different colors on their hair. However, there are two problems with it. First, it may lead to a lot of damage to their natural hair. Secondly, if they don’t like the new look with the color, it may be quite a hassle to get rid of it.

This is exactly why many women use weaves and extensions. Depending on the quality of product they go for, they can easily color them, or even do different types of styling work on them, which may otherwise be considered very harmful if done on natural hair.

As you probably already know, both extensions and weaves can be made using both artificial or natural hair, and depending on the length you choose, can help cover your entire natural hair.

Finally, it goes without saying that they both can add quite a bit of volume to any kind of hair, making them a boon for women with thinning hair.



  • Weaves are a type of extensions, but not all extensions are weaves
  • Weaves are considered a great option for styling, while extensions are usually the more preferred option if you’re looking to do some more important like getting longer hair that would last for a long time
  • Many times, weaves tend to be more of a temporary solution, especially when compared to extensions, which, depending on the quality and some other factors, can last for a really long time
  • Weaves can simply be attached to the natural hair by making braids and sewing the weaves into them, while attaching extensions may require the help of an adhesive or clip-on
  • Weaves can sometimes cause headaches or a sore scalp, extensions usually don’t
  • Attaching weaves can be done in just a couple or hours or so, but attaching extensions is a very time-consuming process

Understanding the Differences

Hair extensions come in different types, and weaves are simply one of them. They are mostly used for styling purposes, as they can be very versatile. Extensions, however, are a more long-term solution, and hence helps meet more important needs, with one of the most important ones being achieving longer hair for a longer period of time.

Also, as noted above, the methods used to attach weaves and extensions tend to be quite different. Installing weaves can be done without the use of any chemicals or even glue, which is a plus.

However, installing extensions is usually a more challenging process, and commonly involves the use of an adhesive or glue. This makes it quite difficult to get extensions removed, and may even cause damage to your natural hair.

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