Hair Weaves vs Hair Wigs

Modern hair products can be a great option for pretty much everything related to your hair. There are many women out there who prefer going for hair products simply because they can’t be bothered to do their own hair every day,

However, hair products like wigs and weaves actually offer much more than just that. They can allow you to do some serious styling stuff, as well as can be a great way to switch up looks or just allow your natural hair to relax for a bit while you play around with different styles with your “fake” hair.

Perhaps the two most common types of hair products today are hair wigs and weaves. While wigs are actually an old concept, they seem to be coming in a modern theme nowadays. So that makes it difficult to choose between a wig and a weave, but not if you read on, as we will be sharing some important similarities and differences which will make the decision much easier for you.


  • Both can be great styling options
  • Both offer a lot of versatility, and allow you to do much more with your hair than you could do with your natural hair
  • They both can look incredibly natural, especially if you know how to choose the right products
  • Both can help with problems like hair thinning
  • They both can be reasonably easy to maintain

Understanding the Similarities


Perhaps one of the biggest reasons wigs and weaves are so popular among women is the wide range of styling options they offer. What can well turn out to be disastrous styling processes to do on your natural hair, may be just fine to do with a wig or a weave.

And more importantly, you get this all without even losing the natural feel of your hair, as the right products can look just as natural as your own hair.

But that’s not all about them. These hair products, especially wigs, are perhaps the most ideal solution for women experiencing hair problems such as extreme hair fall and hair thinning. In fact, wigs are also very commonly used by cancer patients, as they tend to lose all their hair due to aggressive treatments.

Finally, both weaves and wigs are hardly demanding when it comes to the effort you need to put into caring for them. As you can take your wig off when you don’t need it, you don’t even need to wash it very often.

Weaves, while requiring more maintenance than wigs, can still be pretty easy to maintain given that you’re using a quality product and don’t get too aggressive with your styling.


  • Wigs offer infinite style options, while they are relatively limited with weaves
  • It’s way easier to both install and change styles with a wig than a weave
  • Wigs are considerably cheaper than weaves
  • It’s easier to maintain your natural hair while wearing a wig but slightly difficult with a weave
  • You have to install your wig every time you want to wear it, while you just install a weave once
  • Unlike a wig, a weave is sewn on, making it way more secure than a wig

Understanding the Differences


The first difference is pretty obvious. As you can literally switch your look in less than a couple of minutes by putting on a different wig, there’s actually no limit when it comes to the style options. With a weave, however, it’s obviously considerably more limited.

The other important difference, which is installation and changing styles, is quite an important one. After all, most women go for these hair products to get different styles.

Wigs win hands down on this front, as you just need to put it on and make sure it’s secure enough. Similarly, you can easily change the style by going for another wig or perhaps even by styling it the way you want.

Both these things are obviously not possible with weaves. As they are sewn on, they can’t be switched as easily, and you can’t really keep changing the style every now and then with them, as even your natural hair is somewhat involved.

Then there’s also the considerable price difference, with some weaves costing way more than a quality wig would cost you. The same goes for maintenance, which is again, very easy with a wig than a weave.

However, the last two differences can make it or break it when it comes to choosing between the two, depending on what you’re looking to achieve. It’s because wigs are neither as secure nor as permanent as weaves.

A weave can stay on for as long as a few months to even a year, and can easily blend with your natural hair perfectly. A wig, however, needs to be removed and re-installed daily and hence may not be such a long-term solution.

Finally, while wigs might be great for switching up styles frequently and for special occasions, weaves may turn out to be ideal for protective styling and if you’re looking for a more permanent solution.

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