Human Hair Weaves

Human hair weaves are superior and desirable for a lot of women. The advantages of real human hair weaves is that they can be treated much like your own natural hair. This means you can apply dyes, lighten it, redye it another color, or style almost any other way. Many women just clean their human hair weave with conditioner and water to prevent the drying out that can occur if hair is washed often or otherwise not maintained.

Planning Your Human Hair Weave

The sky is the limit when it comes to the creative possibilities of a hair weave. One of the most important aspects is getting the different lengths you need. It is easy to be fooled by the advertised length of hair. If you are not experienced at this then talking to a hairdresser may be your best, especially if they are going to be doing the installation. If you want a specific color pattern, then this also should be considered.

Processing Yourself

Since you are purchasing a human hair weave, you will have the freedom to style and change it as you desire. Just be careful using treatments you are not familiar with to avoid damage or other undesirable consequences. Always be sure to use a lot of conditioner after any treatment unless told to do otherwise. The more complicated the processing you are doing, the more care you need to take to get the desired result.

Human Hair Weave Reviews

B&F Hair

This company stocks very high-quality human hair weaves. You can purchase different size packages and lengths so it is easy to plan out your next great style. The soft curl and two tones faded look of this hair means it already looks like it has been done for you even if you don’t do a thing to it after installing.

Reviewers like this hair because it is soft and easy to work with and comes in so many lengths. This hair is delivered fast, and it doesn’t have any off odors that immediately have to be shampooed out. The lack of tangling and shedding makes customers say this is an excellent buy that you can’t go wrong with.



The Rechoo human hair weave comes in different lengths to suit your needs. This is only the best quality hair, and it resists shedding, fading, and is silky smooth. One advantage of Rechoo is that this human hair weave has been very deeply conditioned so you can have your dream hair. Rechoo has even very long weaves up to 28 inches so you can have very long and luxurious hair for a very reasonable cost.

It is clear that customers are satisfied with the volume of the bundles and the quality of the hair. One reviewer said that bundles were huge, and the actual length ordered. This same customer did an update 14 weeks later after going on vacation and was happy to say the hair still looked great even after chlorine and washing.


Unice Company

The Unice Curly Human Hair Weave comes in sizes from 8 inches to 26 inches so you can go back and forth between shorter or longer with ease. If it is too hot in the summer, you could wear some shorter pieces. Unice offers 100% human hair weaves that can be dyed, permed, straightened, or put into the style of your choice. This weave is measured based on the length of the hair when straightened so keep this in mind when purchasing.

This human hair weave is very long lasting with many customers writing reviews six months into wearing it saying it is yet to shed or tangle too much. With proper conditioning, it stays soft and supple. A lot of reviewers like the curl pattern of this weave but recommend wet styling for the best results. Many women report being repeated customers of Unice products due to the quality and exceptional value they received considering what they paid.


Art of Love

For a kinky afro look, there is the Art Of Love human hair weave. This beautiful weave will easily blend in with your hair and has a tight curl pattern that cannot help but catch the eye. This weave is sold by the piece generally and can be straightened if desired. The 12-inch bundle is one of the more popular sizes, but you can choose from a range.

Customers seem to be overall happy with the suppleness and lushness of this hair but do report that it has an odor that must be washed out before you will want to wear it. It is of course best to do this before installation. It is also advisable to be prepared to detangle this weave or not wear it for an extended period if you are not good at remembering to do this. The length and curl pattern is going to vary based on the humidity as well so you may want to go up or down a length depending on the time of year it is or where you are going to be at.


This unprocessed human hair weave offers softness, suppleness, and length. This pack includes 16-18-20 lengths so you can achieve a long stylish look at a reasonable price. This human hair weave has a soft body wave to it for volume and natural good looks. You can treat this weave by dying, perming, or highlighting. The soft body wave style means you don’t have to do anything to this hair to look great but of course the choice is yours with real hair.

Women that have purchased the Gotta 3 human hair body wave weave are pleased with the amount of hair and quality they have received for their money. In fact, some say they have spent $400 for the same amount of hair in the past, and Gotta offers the same quality for less money. Many are happy with the tangle free aspects of this product and the lack of shedding even months after installation.