Indian Hair Weaves

There’s a good reason Indian hair weaves are so popular. They come with the thickest texture, and look great on most women out there. More importantly, they look highly natural too, thanks to their attractively natural luster.

Also, depending on the product you go for, an Indian hair weave may also never turn out to be a struggle to manage, like some other types of hair weaves out there.

So with that being said, let’s take a look at what seem to be the best Indian hair weaves on the market.

Queenie Indian Hair Weave

Indian Hair Weave 1First things first, the expensive price tag might surprise you, but there are a few things that make it totally worth it. First, it is “original” virgin Indian hair, which is the most natural and best quality Indian hair out there. Secondly, this product comes with two bundles of highly natural Indian hair, which means it would be enough to get the perfect length you want without any problem. It also includes lace frontals, which is a sign of a truly “complete” hair product. Similarly, although curly, this hair weave is 100% natural and not processed in any way, means you can dye it or even do aggressive styling stuff on it.

Apparently, the seller offering this product, too, is quite reputed on the universally popular online retail website, Amazon. They also seem to be having a history of great customer service, which is probably a major issue while dealing with most other sellers offering hair products. Another common issue with hair weave products is the excessive shedding, which is again something the Queenie Indian Hair Weave manages to get around.

Dream Virgin Indian Hair

Indian Hair Weave 2This is another premium virgin Indian hair product, albeit not as good as the one discussed above. However, for those on a budget, it may turn out to be a great option, especially while looking for 100% natural hair (in a curly shape). The seller also proudly claims that it won’t tangle or shed, and you can even style it the way you want. As it’s not synthetic, it’s going to hold up well to all that styling work, too.

More importantly, customers that bought the product confirmed that the product is indeed as stated in the description. In fact, a really unique thing about this hair weave is that instead of getting damaged due to conditioning, which is usually the case with hair weaves, it actually softens up. While there may be a bit of shedding and tangling after a couple of weeks, it isn’t going to be anything worrying so that’s pretty reasonable.

BHF Indian Hair

Indian Hair Weave 3Perhaps not the best option if you’re looking for a long-term solution, but it may just cut it for those on a very tight budget and willing to replace their weave after a reasonably short period of time. With that said, you get 3-pack bundles of 100% natural Indian human hair, that are not processed in any way and can be dyed or colored with ease. They also won’t shed or tangle as much as their cheaper counterparts, but you can’t expect them to not shed at all given the relatively low price and quality.

The customers, too, realize the value they are getting, and seem to be really satisfied with the product, especially for what they paid. Many mention it’s very full and lustrous, and you can even style it to a certain extent. It doesn’t shed a lot, which is indeed something very impressive in this price range.

Sensual Indian Hair

Indian Hair Weave 4Well, this product definitely isn’t the best option, especially when compared to the above products. However, if you just cannot afford spending even a few more bucks, then you may want to consider it as a very cheap option. As per the seller’s description, the Sensual Indian hair weave is 18” long, very high quality, easy to sew on to your hair, as well as tangle-free.

Now, not all customers who bought this product agree with everything that the seller claims. Some are having an issue with the length, as they say it isn’t what they expected at all. Some others say that it’s not original virgin hair as the seller claims, and is only good for one wear. While we cannot really disagree with that, it still seems to be worth the price. In fact, if you’re just looking for something for a very short time, the Sensual hair weave may very well hit the spot for you. It doesn’t even shed a lot, and can take a reasonable amount of styling. Some customers are also mentioning that they used flat iron on it and there still wasn’t much damage done to them. With that said, we doubt if you can expect any better for the price.

Empyrean Indian Hair

Indian Hair Weave 5This is perhaps one of the cheapest options out there. In fact, it’s probably one of the few hair weaves out there that comes with 100% natural virgin Indian hair for such an incredibly low price. After all, at this price point, you usually get synthetic hair which may not last too long. That really makes this product a great buy if you’re considering something in this price range. However, we would really recommend to go for one of first two products if you can afford, as the other ones come nowhere near to them when it comes to the overall look and quality. Also, problems like tangling and shedding are annoyingly common with cheaper products.

As far as the customer reviews of the Empyrean Indian hair are concerned, they are really confusing, as there seem to be just as many negative reviews as the positive ones. However, most of the negative ones are probably from people who expected a bit too much for the price, which is obviously always going to lead to a disappointing experience. As they say, you get what you pay for. But we do think that this product offers a lot of value for the price, and perhaps your best bet in this price range. While the hair isn’t very thick, the texture is pretty good and the shedding is fairly low, too.