Malaysian Hair Weaves

Malaysian hair is simply known for its softness. While it isn’t believed to be ideal for all types of textures, it usually works great for those with a relaxed, natural texture. Similarly, it blends great with silky hair, so if you have silky or very fine hair, Malaysian hair is probably what you would to consider.

Another extremely important advantage of Malaysian hair is that it’s one of the most easily manageable types of hair out there, so it will fit the bill perfectly for you if you can’t be bothered to care for your hair in a timely manner. Finally, depending on the product you go with, Malaysian hair can also be very lustrous.

If these things are exactly what you’re looking for in your hair weave, you may want to read through our list of the 5 best Malaysian hair weaves on the market.

Dream Virgin Hair’s Malaysian Hair

Malaysian Hair Weave 1Yes, it’s expensive. But it’s also pretty much the best you can get. And if you’re looking for something that’s going to last you a reasonably long period of time, it is exactly what you would want to go for. It’s 100% natural and virgin hair, can be processed easily without having to worry about tangling or shedding, as well as comes with a natural luster that’s sure to enhance the overall look of your hair quite a bit.

Some of the customers who bought this product and posted their reviews mentioned that they were particularly pleased with the texture of the hair, which makes it look extremely beautiful. Similarly, some of them were also impressed with the softness of the hair, and the fact that it doesn’t shed or tangle much. However, a few customers also complained about the hair not holding up well after being processed in some way. But after taking the positive reviews into consideration, it seems that it might be some harmful hair products that they may be using that were damaging the otherwise highly natural and high-quality Malaysian hair.

QueenStar Malaysian Hair

Malaysian Hair Weave 2The first thing you would want to note about this product is that it comes with 4 bundles of hair, which means that it’s actually priced quite reasonably. Apparently, it doesn’t leave anything to be desired on the quality front as well, as it’s 7A grade highly natural and virgin Malaysian hair. The seller claims that the hair is taken only from one donor, which adds to its “natural” look. It’s also pretty soft and thick, can be processed the way you like, comes with no funny smells as many other products, as well as doesn’t shed or tangle.

Most customers who bought this product are all but praise for it. They simply love how great it looks on them, its highly natural texture, its softness, and the fact that it doesn’t tangle or shed much at all. Similarly, a particular customer even mentioned that you get the bang for your buck with this product, especially given that it lasts for a surprisingly long period without starting to shed or tangle, which is apparently quite a rare thing when it comes to hair weaves that don’t cost a bomb.

Elite Virgin Malaysian Hair

Malaysian Hair Weave 3Well, although this isn’t the most popular hair weave out there, it may very well turn out to be a hidden gem. In fact, the seller claims that it may even last as long as around a year, if you take the effort to care for it properly. Now this is saying something, given that most hair weaves come nowhere near to lasting this long. The hair is also quite smooth, and can be styled pretty easily, without resulting in much shedding or tangling.

As far as the customer reviews are concerned, some of them aren’t too pleased as they feel the color of the hair was different than what was mentioned in the description. However, it might have been a problem with just some of the units, and may not mean that you will encounter it too. Also, some customers also added that they were able to get rid of the dyed color by washing it, so that’s obviously not a major concern. Apart from that, a particular customer mentioned that they were impressed with the length, meaning that the product can be a great choice if you’re looking to add a lot of length to your hair.

Isee Malaysian Hair

Malaysian Hair Weave 4This is one of the very few “all-round” options when it comes to Malaysian hair weaves. It’s also surprisingly affordable, given that it comes with 3 bundles, which is more than enough to get a full head. Now, the reason we call it an all-round option is that you’re offered many different length options, free eyelashes and some more useful features. The quality, too, is surprisingly good for the price, as the curly, virgin and natural hair doesn’t tangle or shed, and can be straightened, flat-ironed, or styled in other ways.

The customers seem to be sharing the same thoughts too, as many of them have written very long reviews about how impressed they are with the product. Some of the things customers have found worthy of being noted include the hair’s softness and silkiness (a true sign of Malaysian hair), the great luster, minimal shedding and tangling even after styling the hair, being able to get a full head easily, and a highly natural look.

Elite Virgin Hair’s Malaysian Hair

Malaysian Hair Weave 5This is another one of those not-so-popular products, but again, it’s a pretty good option all the same. However, you would want to note that the price is for just 1 bundle, and you would ideally want to buy three of them, especially if you’re looking to get a full head. The hair looks beautiful, comes in a curly shape, is 100% virgin and quite smooth, hardly sheds or tangles, as well as expected to last for a very long time with proper care.

The customer that posted their review mentioned that although the hair isn’t as curly as it looks in the picture, it’s still quite beautiful and looks great. They further added that it doesn’t sheds or tangles, and it looks great after flat ironing.