Milky Way Weaves

Milky Way weaves offer ladies that want to look their best a lot of options at a price that is affordable for the fashionista on a budget. One great thing about a weave is that you can play with lengths whenever you want, especially if you get affordable human hair that can stand up to the stresses of dyeing and everyday styling.

Choosing Your Milky Way

Some weave manufacturers don’t have the variety available that Milky Way does. While they do have a good selection of 100% human hair weaves, they also carry blends of human and synthetic that are perfect for those on a budget and that like to change their weave out often. Various lengths mean you have a lot of options as well.

Yaki Versus Curly

A Yaki weave is known for its straightness. You can, of course, curl it. If you choose a curlier weave that is all human hair, then you may be able to straighten it, but it might also take quite a long time to get a very straight look.

Sorting Through Reviews

It is important to read reviews, but you have to keep it in perspective. How happy someone is with a weave goes beyond the quality that comes from the manufacturer. The way a weave is installed, the type of products used, environmental factors, and chemical treatments all have an impact on a weave. Just because one customer had an experience doesn’t mean yours will be the same.

Milky Way Weave Reviews

Milky Way Pure Yaki

This beautiful straight weave comes in several lengths and is sold by the pieces. This silky smooth real human hair is easy to install and heat style. Being able to purchase by the piece makes it easy to get the style you want without committing to packs of bundles that don’t meet your needs. Yaki weaves are known for their straightness and shininess.

This weave is true to length according to reviewers which mean you can more easily plan the results of your weave. This is important considering just how many weaves have strange measuring methods or say one measurement when they mean a range. Customers say this weave looks natural and takes chemical treatments well.


Saga Milky Way Weave

The Saga weave features 100% human Remy hair that has been keratin infused to maintain an opulent and silky texture for the modern woman. This Milky Way weave is sure to make your friends ask where you got it. This long lasting weave is ideal for those that are just starting to experiment with weaves or for those that have a lot of experience.

Reviewers love how soft and silk the Milky Way weave is. One reviewer said they had been using Milky Way weaves for six months and would be coming back for more. When hair arrives, it is silky smooth and has no split ends or other issues to deal with.


Que Milky Way Weave

This Milky Way weave is a blend of human and synthetic hair. This blending reduces cost and still looks great, but it does limit your style to just what the weave is like when you get it. You cannot dye this weave. This weave is priced extremely low but doesn’t let this fool you. This is a high quality blended weave that is perfect for the diva on a budget that wants a deep curl wavy weave that is no hassle. There are several colors available so you can get one to blend in with your hair.

Reviewers say that you need two packs of this weave to do a full head of hair. This look costs under $40 at that rate. This is a weave that you should only plan on having for a few months, but this will vary based on how good you take care of it. The curl patter is beautiful and looks great when styled wet.


Q Dio Milky Way Weave

This blend of human and synthetic fibers offers a great style choice. For one low price, you get four pieces and a high-quality closure. The hair is thick and offers a good value. It comes in 12 color choices so you can perfectly match it to your skin tone and style choice. The blend is a proprietary blend. Of course, this type of weave is mostly for short term use. The length of time it lasts depends on how you treat it. Most women seem to wear it for a few months, and that is it.

Reviewers like this weave for its simplicity and low cost. For the fashion diva that wants a shorter look for the summer, this weave performs well according to customers. If you do a lot of outdoor activities or enjoy swimming a lot, then this is probably not the weave for you because chlorine and another pool chemical can damage it.


Milky Way Saga Remy 16” Human Hair Extensions

This weave is one of Milky Way’s 100% human hair line. Remy hair is prized for its straight smoothness and quality. This leads to a long lasting weave that you can treat like you would your normal hair. This means you can dye this hair, perm it, or heat style any way you might want to. The weft of this hair is gently woven so it doesn’t shed or tangle like a lower quality weave will.

Customers love the way my hair feels. It is super soft and comfortable to wear, and the resistance to shedding and other problems is good. There are a few customers that said they experienced more shedding then they would like, but this may be due to it not being woven into their hair correctly. It is best to use a gentle shampoo and not be too rough when detangling or styling this weave. Negative reviews appear to question if this is really Remy hair, but it is guaranteed to be so this should not be enough to keep you from trying out this great Milky Way weave.