Ombre Hair Weaves

Ombre weaves are a hot trend that is obviously here to last. You can get this look easily with good quality weaves. If you want to make sure your style is just right and save yourself from having to dye your weave after you get it then, you can choose from an extensive selection of weaves already done in this style.

Choosing a weave that is already ombre is a good idea if you are nervous about dyeing your weave yourself. You can change the color of the tips of your ombre weave anytime you feel like giving it a try. Some women also choose to curl or straighten their ombre at times. A real human hair ombre weave allows for easy style transitions.

The Facts About Ombre

A lot of people think that ombre means adding a bold color to their hair but this is not true. However at the same time the more dramatic your ombre, the more attention you are going to call to yourself. If you work at certain jobs, you may want to go for a more subtle ombre effect. You can always go bolder if you feel like it.

What Do You Love To Wear?

Your wardrobe matters when it comes to the color of your hair. If you make a dramatic change, then the appearance of all your favorite outfits may seem off to you. This is why a lot of women choose a tone that compliments the look they already have. Dark chocolate skin tones benefit from an ombre that has deep red or copper tones or maybe cool ash. Honey complexions do well with caramel browns and blondes. If you go with a bright color, you may find that you are buying some new clothes to match your new overall look.

Ombre Weave Reviews

B&F Review

This weave is so eye catching that your friends will think you paid a lot more than you did. This ombre weave has a big and soft wave to it that is easy to maintain. The hair starts off dark brown at the top and then fades downward to a rich medium honey blonde color. Why bother with processing when you can just get this fabulous weave for yourself?

There are a lot of reviews with pictures out there for this hair which means women are very proud of it. This is a great value for the money and the quality you are getting. The wavy ombre style can be straightened using a flat iron for a long and sleek look when you want it.


My Nice Hair

If you are looking for a long and stunning ombre weave, then you should consider My Nice Hair. This weave offers beautiful contrasting highlights and a full curl look that is sure to turn heads. This weave can be purchased in different lengths or all one long length depending on the effect you are going for.

Some ladies say the ends of the hair are a lighter color than they thought it would be. You get three bundles which are plenty for a full head of hair. This ombre weave is easy to keep tangle free and is made to last for the long term. If you are interested in changing the color at anytime, you can easily do this since you are getting 100% real human hair.



This ombre weave has a lot more color variation than some, and that is a good thing. The color changes more gradually then a lot of weaves, so you get a stunning multi-faceted effect that is hard to beat. If you want a lot of lengths then just make sure to consider that the length you are buying is the measurement when hair is stretched straight. If you want the wavy look, then let it dry naturally. Straightening the weave takes minutes with a quality straight iron.

Jolia hair gets delivered to you fast, and the quality is outstanding. Even the most skeptical customers wind up sending in their pictures after installing this hair. Customers say they can install it themselves, and it holds up well to dying and heat styling. The curl patterns it can take are simply beautiful.



There is no doubt that a lot of women trust Nadula for their hair care needs. Nadula ombre weaves stay soft, silky, and tangle free. This hair has a soft body wave that allows you to have a great voluminous look using 100% human hair of the finest quality. If you want to change the color of the ombre weave, then you can. The lighter hair can easily accept some dyes although some might want to bleach the tips further if you are going with a very bright color such as blue or pink.

Customers love this hair, and Nadula does go the extra mile for their customers. You can get this weave overnight shipped to you if you are in a hurry for a style. One reviewer said that Nadula even included a few free wig caps in the box of hair they received and a bonus pair of eyelashes. The hair is packaged well and is easy to get ready to install. This is a great style that is easy to maintain.


Ali Julia

This stands out ombre weave offers quality 7A grade human hair and a graduated fading color that has more pop and highlights than a lot of their competitors. The big soft curls add a lot of volume and glamor to this weave. This is a soft and long-lasting style that is sure to offer you freedom from a style a that is too hard to maintain.

Customers say this weave is good quality, but a few are skeptical that it is 100% human hair. At the same time, this suspicion stems from a customer dyeing the weave themselves. Since there are a lot of dyes out there, you have to sure not to process too long.