Peruvian Hair Weaves

There probably aren’t many more popular hair weaves than the Peruvian one. And it’s perhaps because it can serve many different purposes. It also boasts a level of versatility like no other hair weave out there, which makes it the best option hands down for women who are looking to do some fun stuff with their hair and try out different styles.

Similarly, it also seems to be working great with many common textures, including African American, coarse hair, as well as relaxed and natural hair. But many women love Peruvian hair for the fact that they are very easy to manage.

However, it’s important to note that choosing the right Peruvian hair can still turn out to be quite a challenge. Fear not, though, as we have made it stupid easy by putting together a list of the top 5 Peruvian hair weaves out there.

Angel Hair’s Peruvian Hair

Peruvian Hair Weave 1If you want to get the most out of your decision to go for a hair weave, then you may not want to look beyond the Angel Hair’s Peruvian hair weave. It is premium quality and it is 100% natural, with the seller even claiming that they make sure they are only taking the hair from healthy donors with reasonably healthy hair. The hair is curly, thick and long, and looks very voluminous and lustrous. It’s also one of the few hair weaves out there that’s going to give you the “fuller” look that many women crave for.

Now, while the seller claims that there isn’t going to be any shedding, some customers say otherwise. However, it still isn’t something to worry about as the shedding is minimal even after being used for a relatively longer period, so it’s quite reasonable. Some of the customers are also styling the hair with great success, without coming across any issues typically common with poor quality hair. Finally, although it requires some maintenance, it looks great and enhances the overall look of your hair, and hence totally worth the price and the maintenance.

Angel Hair’s Straight Peruvian Hair

Peruvian Hair Weave 2This is a relatively cheaper hair weave from the same seller offering the above product. However, unlike the one discussed above, it’s straight hair, and hence ideal for those looking to add quite some length to their hair. Also, as it’s virgin hair, you won’t have any problem processing it in any way you like. From dyeing to bleaching, it’s expected to hold up to all types of styling processes. Furthermore, it may also not tangle or shed as much as most other relatively cheaper products.

Apparently, everything that the seller claims is indeed true, because it’s backed by many positive customer reviews from happy and satisfied buyers. While some say it’s soft and thick, some others say that just one pack (comes with 3 bundles) is enough to get a full head. What this means is that it isn’t as expensive as it probably seems to be, given that it comes with 3 bundles and would easily give you a full head. Finally, there are also a fair few customers saying that the shedding is almost non-existent, which is quite impressive, even in this price range.

Meetu Peruvian Hair

Peruvian Hair Weave 3This is another hair weave that comes with 100% natural, unprocessed and virgin hair. Moreover, it comes with a natural luster and color, which would go well with pretty much any texture out there. Of course, you can also perform various styling processes on your hair, including dyeing, bleaching, curling, straightening and more. However, a unique feature about this product seems to be that it would adapt well to all your experimentation, and would even hold up well for a reasonably long period of time.

However, it’s surprising that this product hasn’t received much attention from the customers. It may be the fact that the seller is relatively new to the online retailing platform, and hence they aren’t as popular as some other sellers on there. But it doesn’t mean in the slightest that you shouldn’t be buying from them, simply because some of their other hair products are selling well and getting great reviews.

Bella Hair’s Peruvian Hair

Peruvian Hair Weave 4First things first, it should be noted that the price displayed on the product page is only for 1 bundle of hair, unlike the above products which come with 3 bundles of hair in a pack. That being said, if you’re looking to get a full head, you probably need to consider buying three packs. As for the product, it’s 100 grams of virgin, 100% natural hair, with the length being 10 inches. Again, just like all the high-quality products discussed above, Bella Hair’s Peruvian hair weave, too, can be processed in many different ways, and it would still not shed or tangle much. An important point the seller makes is that the cuticles of the hair are intact, meaning that they may feel just as natural as your own hair.

As for the customer reviews, some of the important things customers have noted in their reviews are that the hair is very soft and looks great, comes with a very nice smell (as against many other hair weaves coming with an annoying smell), holds up really well even after being styled in various ways including flat ironing, flex rodding and dyeing. Some customers also mentioned that there is almost no shedding or tangling, even after weeks of use, which definitely makes it one of the best products in this price range.

Uniwigs Peruvian Hair

Peruvian Hair Weave 5This is the cheapest hair weave on this list but you would want to avoid it if you can afford any of the ones discussed above. This is because it doesn’t seem to be very good quality, and may not be an ideal choice especially if you’re looking for a more long-term solution. With that said, this product comes with 2 bundles of virgin hair, with the seller claiming that it can be processed in many different ways.

Now, while the product has received mixed reviews from the customers, quite a few of them are really pleased with what they got for the price. They say that the hair is quite soft, and although it comes with a not-so-pleasant smell, it doesn’t shed or tangle much even after dyeing or bleaching, which is really very impressive for the price.