Pretty Weaves

Pretty weaves are not as hard to find as you might think. At the same time, it is important to find a weave that offers the length and texture you want. No matter if you want a slight body wave or a full tight curl, there are weaves out there that can have you looking your best in no time at all.

Gaining Volume

If you have thin hair and want to keep it the same length you have now then you can get a weave close to what your hair length is now. Adding a few bundles of hair means you can get the exact volume you have always wanted.

Gaining Length

The longer the hair bundle, the thinner the hair is at the bottom. If you are trying to gain a lot of length and volume, then you should consider purchasing an extra bundle or two. Many weave sellers offer pretty weaves by the piece or in a package that suits your needs such as 3 20 inch bundles or a variety of 16-18-20 inch lengths.

Better To Overbuy Than Have Too Little

When it comes to ordering weaves you need to make sure to buy enough for your look. When in doubt it is always good to have some leftover that you can use in the future. Even the best weave is going to show signs of wear after so long so having some extra for next time is for the best.

Pretty Weave Reviews


For those looking for a soft and easy to manage weave there is the Etino line of pretty weaves that allow you to adjust for fullness and volume with ease. This set comes with 8-10-12 inch pieces and a lace closure for your comfort and convenience. This deep pretty wave pattern is sure to capture the attention of all your friends and co-workers. Etino uses only 100% human hair to make these quality hair products that help women get the look they want at an economical cost.

Any reviewer seems to be raving about the softness and value they are getting for their money with these pretty weaves. This weave doesn’t shed and remains without tangles with little care. If you are looking for a fast and easy change to your appearance, then this is the weave for you. Ladies are happy with the fast shipping and service they received and the fact that since this is high-quality human hair, they can treat it and dye it as they would their normal hair. This is truly the best quality pretty weave you can get for your money.


Milky Way Style

This luxury pretty weave is a solid 20 inches of straight human hair that are sure to delight event the most critical hair fashionista out there. If you are in the market for a longer weave and want a lot of your money, then you should consider this medium brown pretty weave.

Reviews are harder to find with this product but what there are lean towards very positive. The hair is thick, shiny, and easy to apply. No tangles or shedding were reported except for one reviewer that said they applied too much product to their weave, and this caused some matting and tangling. Their recommendation was to be careful how much product is used to avoid any mishaps.


Mike & Mary

This pretty 24” weave offers amazing length when you want a long and sexy all natural look. For less than $200 you get three huge bundles of top quality Brazilian hair that are unprocessed and ready for any treatment or styling you want to do. If you wear your pretty weave for a few weeks and decide you want a two tone look, then you can bleach and dye the tips. Some women choose to do this before they put in their weave and then they can always dye it darker or back to a natural color later on.

Customers rave that is the best hair they have purchased. It is soft and has a beautiful wave to it, and it takes treatments well. Some recommend using lighter oils on it such as Argan Oil to maintain luster and vibrancy. Women said this hair made them look and feel younger. This pretty weave is suitable for women of all hair types, but those with thinner natural hair are recommended to get an extra bundle by customers that have tried out this hair in the past.



This soft, thick, and luxuriously pretty weave is sure to turn heads. If you are looking for a basic weave that you can customize and treat like your naturally grown hair, then Dannolsman offers everything you want. This pretty weave is 100% real human hair, so you know you are getting the best quality available.

If you are thinking about ordering this weave, then you should just go on ahead and do it according to reviewers. This is the best quality soft hair, and it is easy to style and doesn’t shed all over the place. The 18-20-22 inch package is perfect for those that want to add some sexy length and don’t want to spend more than they have to at $145. This hair is clean and ships fast.



The Linkmai is a pretty weave that is made using only the top choice of 100% human hair. This weave is not processed, so you are getting virgin hair that is ready for any treatments or styling that you want to do with it. This hair is sure to get you noticed, and your friends will ask you where you got it. The soft waves of this weave make for a beautiful look all on its own.

Reviewers love the look and style of this hair. It ships fast and offers a lot of different lengths for a great weave each and every time. This hair doesn’t smell or have any off colors in it because it is well inspected before being shipped out to you. This product is one color but can be dyed easily to match your hair color.