Remy (Remi) Weaves

Remy hair weaves are made of high quality 100% human hair that is known to perform well under daily styling and wearing conditions. There are a lot of different styles of Remy hair weaves out there to choose from so you can pick out the curl pattern and other features that you want for a look that is all your own.

There is some confusion about what Remy means but just to clarify this is hair from India that often comes from the hair of younger women. The better the grade, the younger the person that grew the hair. Hair from older donors is usually coarser and is more prone to damage.

Changing Your Look Is Easy With A Great Weave

The most fun part of weaves is that you can just do about any style with them. Of course, the more you process them, the shorter their lifespan, but when you can just buy another, this doesn’t matter as much as when it is your hair that is hard to grow out. Weaves offer women more freedom to express themselves and have the hair they want with little effort.


Remy weaves are good quality for what you pay. Of course, there is a big range. The best thing to do is consider how long you want your weave to last and your budget. If you like to change your weave a lot or do a lot of processing, then you might consider just going with a cheaper weave. Very good quality weaves can last 1-2 years with a good care regime.


Women know what they like. Reviews with pictures to back them up can be a good way to see how a particular weave looks on another woman so you can make an informed choice at purchase time.

Remy Weave Reviews


This hair is manufactured into weaves in Brazil and is good quality especially considering how much you are getting for your money. For $62 you get an amazing six pieces and a high-quality closure. The pack consists of three each of 10” and 12” pieces so this is a shorter weave. O-ReMi includes instructions for how best to dye your hair if you want. This is all natural 100% human hair so you can do just about anything you want with it.

Women often comment in reviews that the hair is soft and silky and doesn’t shed unnecessarily. This hair will also not get tangled, and you can curl it or heat style as desired. If you want a thick look then buying an extra bundle is advisable. The weft of the hair is strong yet soft and easy to install.



Can we just say wow? This outstandingly beautiful Remy weave comes in a lot of colors and lengths so you can have some real fun. The standard black color is completely unprocessed, and the others have just been dyed. This perfectly lovely Remy weave can be washed and conditioned like your hair. Air drying results in a loose wave that is very pretty.

Women love this Remy weave a lot and rebuy often. This is good quality hair that is perfectly smooth and silky. The hair is comparable in quality to weaves that cost much more than this. The hair is thick and feels good to wear. Of course, women are free to customize their look. However, they want by styling with heat or highlighting.



This weave is silky straight and ready to make you look glamorous. If you want a lot of perfect lengths, then Nadula is an excellent purchase to make. Nadula is all human hair, and it can be curled or styled to suit how you are feeling at the time. Many ladies dye the tips for am Ombre style that is very eye-catching and fabulous. If you are interested in making the most of your look, then order some Nadula.

Women sure love to send in their picture when it comes to this weave. The luxuriant look and feel of this hair leaves women aghast at the quality and look they are getting with this easy to order and install hair. There is no split ends and hair doesn’t get tangled easily.



This silky straight Brazilian hair is sure to delight. In a standard package of long lengths, you get 18-20-22 inch long pieces. This hair is not processed and is ready to take any styling products, chemicals, perms, and other treatments you might want. Longqi says that this weave will last up to 10 months with a good care regime but considering the quality that others have reported; it is likely that the weave could last longer.

Women are happy with how fast this hair ships and how light it feels on their head. You can get different colors of this Remy weave as well if you want to skip a styling step. If you want the weave to last longer be sure to cover it if you are going to be in salt water or chlorinated water a lot.


Vedar Beauty

This Remy weave is a lot of hair. 4 pieces that measure 22-24-26-28 inches so you can create a soft and silky mane of hair that is ready to be treated however you want it. This is 100% real human hair from India that has been processed in Brazil to be the highest quality out there. This is heavy hair that feels light and silky which is a hard thing to achieve unless hair is top quality.

Reviewers say that Vedar Remy weaves do not shed and stay looking beautiful for a long time. Some used this hair to make a wig and complained that the wefts were made very sturdy but were hard to sew. Since we don’t know these users experience level with making wigs it is not fair to judge the weave based on this however it may mean you should have a good quality weaving needle before attempting to make a wig out of this.