Virgin Hair Weaves

Virgin hair hardly needs an introduction, as it’s the most popular type of hair weave out there. It comes with many advantages over all the other types of hair weaves, with one of the most important ones being that it isn’t processed in any way. This makes it ideal for being used multiple times, as well as to perform many different types of styling processes.

While other types of hair weaves can be virgin, too, but purely virgin hair tends to be more likely to be 100% natural. It is also very easy to manage and won’t get damaged easily even after being styled in different ways.

So now let us find out what are the best 5 virgin hair weaves on the market, so that you can choose the one that meets all your requirements and fits your budget too.

B&P Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair Weave 1The B&P is 7A grade 100% virgin Brazilian hair, coming in a natural black color. The pack includes 3 bundles, and you can choose from as many as 42 different sizes. As for the quality, you can expect the hair to be almost completely tangling-free and shedding-free, as well as style it as your own hair.

Most customers who bought the product are very pleased with it, as apparent in their reviews. Many of them mention that the hair is very soft, looks highly natural, doesn’t shed or tangle at all, can take any type of styling stuff without getting damaged, comes in a curl and body wave pattern and the 3 bundles easily give you a full head.

Beauty Forever Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair Weave 2This is one of the rare few virgin hair weaves out there that’s priced amazingly affordably, but is still 100% virgin, comes with 3 bundles of hair and looks just as good as some of the much more expensive ones out there. While it will have its own limitations when compared to the product we reviewed above, it’s still a great option for those not looking to spend much on their weave. That being said, you get 100% natural 6A grade virgin hair with this product, and while that’s one grade lower than B&P’s virgin hair, most other features are very similar, including minimal tangling and shedding and a high level of versatility.

Usually, most hair weaves get mixed reviews, as not many products can meet the requirements of everyone. However, this product is a clear exception, with most of its customers giving it a very positive review. While the natural texture and the curly shape didn’t fail to please most, little to no shedding, tangling and no annoying smell simply made it a perfect product for many. The hair also looks very natural and shiny, feels very natural, can be styled the way you like, as well as can hold up perfectly for longer than you can imagine.

Spring Hair’s Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair Weave 3This is a slightly different product than the other ones listed on here. First, it isn’t unprocessed hair, but rather Ombre hair, meaning that it has been colored to make it more attractive. However, it’s still 100% virgin, so the quality isn’t a cause for worry. Secondly, it’s thick, soft, smooth and just as attractive as quality Ombre hair tends to be. Finally, you can process it further to make it the way you want. It won’t even tangle or shed, and all these things are definitely quite impressive for the price.

Most customers who bought this product cannot be more pleased with it, with one of the customers mentioning that they have never come across hair that are as silky, smooth and beautiful as Spring Hair’s virgin hair. It also comes with a natural shine and luster, and the color looks pretty attractive as well. A particular customer also mentioned in their review how impressed they were with the customer service, which is usually horrible when dealing with sellers offering hair products.

Rechoo Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair Weave 4This is probably one of the most popular virgin hair weaves on the market. While its relatively low price is definitely an important factor for its popularity, it also boasts some impressive features, besides being 100% virgin hair. Some of the important features include one-directional, living cuticles, as well as the hair being very healthy, smooth, thick and shiny. Also, though it isn’t completely unprocessed hair, the process it has been run through helps make it even healthier. Finally, you get to choose from 18 different sizes, so finding the right length definitely wouldn’t be a problem.

As we said, it’s quite a popular hair weave and has received many customer reviews, most of them positive. If we sum up all the positive reviews, we can easily conclude that the product offers an amazing value for money. You get what you pay for, yes, but apparently this product gives you much more than what you pay for. The hair looks great, the bundles easily give you a full head, there’s no tangling and shedding, and you’re free to dye or bleach it without having to worry about frizzling or any other kind of damage.

HEBE Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair Weave 5Hebe seems to be a relatively established seller in the hair products market, and it reflects in the quality of its products. It’s offering a 7A grade 100% virgin hair weave at a price you don’t expect to get anything more than ordinary. The hair is unprocessed, reasonably soft and thick, comes in a natural black color and texture, can be styled in as many ways as you would like (but perhaps with some limitations), and doesn’t have any follicles.

Customers who bought this product in the past mention that they were pleasantly surprised with everything it brings to the table, especially at an amazingly low price. They say the hair is soft, curly, doesn’t tangle or shed, is pretty easy to manage, reasonably lustrous, comes in a perfect length (given you know how to choose the right one), as well as gives you a full head of voluminous, bouncy hair. However, finally, remember that it may not turn out to be an ideal long-term solution. You would want to stick to one of the two products mentioned at the top of this list if you’re looking for something that will last longer.