How to Wash a Hair Weave

Contrary to what most women wearing weaves think, washing a hair weave is important, especially if you’re wearing an expensive weave that you want to last for a long time.

However, making the weave last longer isn’t the only reason and there are other serious issues as well. The most worrying one of them all is damage to your own hair, which you probably only realize when you take the weave off, but it’s usually too challenging to recover by then.

Hence, in this article we will be talking about how to go about (co-)washing your hair weave the right way.

Step 1: Oil treatment


While it isn’t something necessary, some experts recommend applying virgin olive oil before co-washing your hair while wearing a hair weave.

It offers some much-needed extra protection, as washing your hair while wearing a weave can be slightly harsh on your real hair. Virgin olive oil may prevent possible hair breakage and also promote hair growth.

Step 2: Dividing your hair


Dividing your hair in two parts makes it considerably easy to wash your hair while wearing a hair weave. You can do it in a way as if you were to put one of the parts in a ponytail, and make the other one rest over your chest. After that, in order to avoid breakage problems caused by tangling while washing the hair, you need to gently comb your hair, preferably using a wide toothed comb or a paddle brush.

Step 3: Wetting your hair


Wetting your hair would turn out to be fairly easy if you do it using warm water and in a downward motion. You need to start at the top of the weft.

For most women, doing this while being in the shower is going to be the best option, though it’s also certainly possible to do over the bathtub or sink with a bowl of water.

You may want to be extra careful here, though, as if too much water penetrates into the tracks it can get really difficult to deal with.

Step 4: Applying the shampoo


Once your hair is wet enough, you can apply a moisturizing shampoo in the same downward motion as the water. However, while washing a weave, it’s highly recommended to use a herbal shampoo, as it helps deal with the dirt and excess oil, besides preventing the weave hair from getting brittle and dry.

You may find that your hair gets very difficult to manage at this stage, but it’s nothing to worry about. You can simply go ahead and keep rinsing until the shampoo has been completely washed out.

Step 5: Applying a conditioner


Applying a good conditioner after you’re done shampooing your hair goes a long way in maintaining the required level of moisture in your hair. You can apply the conditioner in the same downward motion as you applied the shampoo, unless you’re more comfortable with applying it another way.

You can leave it in for 15 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. At this stage, just make sure both the shampoo and conditioner have been completely washed out, so that it doesn’t lead to product build-up.

Step 6: Drying your hair


As you probably already know, it’s not recommended to dry your hair using a hair dryer. Air drying does take much longer for sure, but it’s certainly the best way to do it if you do not want to cause any damage to both your real hair and the weave hair.

If you didn’t apply oil to your hair before starting this washing process, you can do it now. However, it isn’t very necessary if you have used a good conditioner, as it may provide the required moisture to your hair.

Finally, it’s a must to make sure your tracks are completely dry before you go to bed, as they tend to give off a funky smell if they remain wet.

A look at some important tips:

  • While choosing your shampoo and conditioner, keep in mind that herbal products are going to be your best bet
  • Not washing your hair for a long time while wearing a hair weave may lead to damage to not only the weave hair, but also your real hair
  • Usually, if you’re using a Milky Way hair weave, you may not be able to wash it more than once without causing some serious damage to the weave hair
  • If you have used glue while attaching your hair weave, the washing process is probably going to be more challenging and require you to be more careful while rinsing
  • A better alternative to using a shampoo is the ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) treatment

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