Wet and Wavy Weaves

A wet and wavy weave is one way to have it all when you are looking for a great new hairstyle choice. When it comes to weaves, this is one of the best choices for women that don’t want to spend a lot of time styling to have a great look.

Picking Your Wave

There are all types of curl patterns out there. To avoid disappointment, you need to make sure you choose a curl pattern that is manageable for you. Some weaves measure the length of the hair based on the length when you stretch it out so if you get a weave with a very tight curl pattern, this may mean less length than you hoped for.

Human Versus Blends

There is no doubt that blended fiber weave is going to cost less so if you just want a look that is good for a little while then you might be fine with a blended weave. If you like to use heat styling or want to dye or chemically treat a weave then, real human hair is going to be your best choice. Always be sure that you can use a particular treatment on the type of weave you are getting.

Brazilian Versus Remy

There are fans of both Brazilian and Remy wet and wavy weaves out there. This is mostly a matter of just personal preference since there are weaves of both origins that are very high quality and offer long and silky lengths that do not tangle or shed with extended wear.

Wet and Wavy Weave Reviews

Janet Collection

This wet weave offers a tight curl pattern when styled wet and straightens well when blow dried. This hair is extremely high quality and fully guaranteed to last. This weave is easy to install and does well with your favorite closures. If you are not sure if you want to go curly, this is a good choice because you can easily straighten it out.

Reviewers say that this wet and wavy weave is soft, and you get a lot of hair for your money. It doesn’t tangle or shed despite the lower cost, and it is easy to maintain with conditioner and other products to prevent dryness. If you have quite a bit of hair, to begin with, you might not even need a full bundle but you can always use it later on.


Milky Way

This is a very cheap weave, but it does offer a lot of styles. For under $30 you get four pieces and closure, which might sound like it is far too good to be true. Part of the reason for this lower cost is that this weave is a human hair and synthetic blend which cuts the cost. If you don’t plan on doing any dyeing or heat styling, then this weave is a good inexpensive option.

Reviewers like the quality and colors of this wet and wavy weave but they do mention that it doesn’t hold up so well if you go swimming a lot or spend a week at the beach. For other use thought it is a true bargain beauty weave. Many customers says this wet and wavy weave will last about three weeks before you will want to replace it but that is a great deal for what you are paying.




This is a truly stunning weave. You can just tell this by looking at how it can go from wet and wavy to perfectly straight. For curls, you simply wet it and let it dry naturally. For a stick straight glam look, you can use a flat iron and get some sexy extra length on your weave. On weave, set gives you an amazing six bundles, so you are getting a lot of hair for your money.

Naked wet and wavy weaves come in a lot of different lengths. Keep in mind the length you are getting is the measurement of the hair when straight so if you want a very long and curly look then make sure to get a lot longer weave than you normally would.



The Rain Wet And Wavy weave offer a large yet tight curl pattern that easily irons out to straight when you want a different look. This is high-quality hair, but it doesn’t come cheap. For about $180 you get a set of 16-16-18-18 inch pieces that are made of 100% human hair. There are two shades available, but this is not a major point since this hair can easily be dyed or chemically processed however you want it to be. After all, you are buying unprocessed hair, so it is in outstanding condition when you receive it.

Reviewers are happy to report that they do not have shedding issues with this weave and that it is easy to achieve two different looks with this weave because just letting it dry naturally and finger styling is all that is needed for beautiful curls each and every time.



This is a true luxury wet and wavy weave wig that has a lot of fans. You can choose from many different lengths for a long and sexy look. Hair can he straightened with a flat iron but curls into a beautiful wave when it gets wet again. This is the best quality human hair you can get and the price somewhat reflects that. At $230 for the 16” version this is not a cheap look, but if you want quality, then this is not a lot to pay for it. Combs and a full lace cap and bands hold this wig on for the look you have always wanted.

Customers say that quality of the hair is stunning and fantastic. The most often voiced concern was that the cap was a bit too dark for some women. It is important to contact the seller and request a different cap size if you have a head that is out of the standard range.